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Link to France

Since the creation of Link to France in 2017, our mission is to provide high-quality export counselling. We facilitate the entrance of small- & medium-sized companies to the French market or consolidate their presence here. We create a link between your company and the French market.

The French market is attractive regarding business opportunities within a broad range of sectors. On the other hand, cultural, linguistic and financial entry barriers often put France at the bottom of the strategic export plan. Link to France increases your chances for successful market entry by becoming your trustworthy Paris-based “door-opener”.

We make it possible for you to test the French market without engaging massive investments, financial and human.

Our domains of specialisation and expertise provide you with the necessary guidance within various sectors addressing BtoB, BtoC, Contract or Institutional audience. Since our creation, we have assisted companies with local recruitment missions, partner- & customer search, specific short-term missions and trade fair assistance, to mention a few.



Zakia O. Schou is the Founder and Managing Director of Link to France.

Zakia has more than 25 years of professional experience in different sectors and companies. She has successfully assisted numerous companies in their first steps on the French market when working as an Export Advisor at the Danish Embassy in Paris for more than eight years. 

She left Copenhagen back in 1991 and has since then settled down in France and worked with marketing, communication and sales in global and French companies.

This experience, combined with her excellent ability to adapt to your specific needs and her extensive French and international network, has given her the necessary tools to start her own business and become your local link to France.

If you would like to learn more about how our services can help your company “link” to France, please book an online meeting or phone call here

Zakia SCHOU, founder chez Link to France (Zakia Osman Schou)

Partnerships & local network

Together we are stronger!

At Link to France, we are solution-minded and capable of helping you with many different tasks. For requests that are out of our reach, we have surrounded ourselves with top-quality and trusted contacts in our extensive French network.

We work closely with customer service providers, specialised lawyers, consultants, scenographers, graphic designers, translators, administrative service providers, relocation agents and many more.

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