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Link to France, Market Entry Assistance

Market Entry Assistance

It can be challenging to enter the French market on your own. Link to France has an extensive local network, the necessary cultural understanding and the linguistic skills that help you through the first phases.


Link to France is your passport to getting expert knowledge about the French market in your specific sector, local culture and customs. 

With our local expertise and network, we can work out a complete report or a simple overview depending on your particular needs. We can inform you about the French business environment in your specific area, obtain key economic figures and give you a full insight into the development of your particular sector locally and the competitive landscape. 

In other words, the information you need to decide whether or not to go for the French market entry.


It can be a challenge to identify your potential customers when you are not in the country. And it can be even harder if you have the French language barrier to take into consideration.

Link to France acts as your local intermediary be it within BtoB or BtoC. By using our local resources, you will make the right investment, both time- and financially.

You can choose to go all-in with a specific package where we spend 2-6 months, depending on your product/sector, to work on your project on a daily basis or we can make a framework agreement where we allocate a certain amount of hours to be used little by little. We are flexible.


We have several years of experience in identifying local partners for companies within various sectors.

We can help you find the ideal distributor, agent or other types of representatives on the French market by using our extensive local network and by making a thorough search.

First, we proceed by establishing a gross list with the potential partners that precisely match your needs and expectations. We then work our way through this list to develop a shortlist of preferred partners on whom to focus. We set up the meetings, and if you wish, we can participate in these.

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