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Business Development and Recruitment
Paris region, France
+33 6 86 41 54 18

Link to France, Sales Representation

Sales Representation

If you would like Link to France to be your local representative - this can be an option as well. Book a meeting and let us discuss the options. 

We are currently representing various companies in France:

  • Faundit (Danish): We are representing this innovative start-up that turns frustrations into great experiences for thousands of visitors who are unlucky enough to forget their belongings. Faundit works with hotels, amusement parks, restaurants and transportation across the world to improve their Lost and Found processes.


  • Prometec (Finnish): Prometecs groundbreaking industrial biomass sampling solution enables a considerable improvement in energy industry efficiencies by providing annual savings of up to 5%. Link to France assists this company on the French market. 


  • Retap (Danish): Retap is a Danish hydration company founded in 2009 by three entrepreneurs who were influenced by reading about the accumulation of plastic bottles in the oceans. Whenever Link to France sees the occasion, we send product information to relevant potential customers. 

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